This is the second part of my huge project. Now let me keep on introduce my design about account management under client and household page. If you haven't checked my project "Account, Client and Household Portfolio Page in Mobile View".

Account Information includes "Profile", "Contact Information" "Cost Basis" "Interested Parties" and "Beneficiaries". User can also edit some information.

Client Info includes most basic client information. You may notice that in account page (image on the left) there is hyper link for contacting this person, why I list hyper link for phone number and email in "Client Info" page again? 

My thought is that if user needs to contact this client, he/she doesn't need to go back to the previous page. 

I keep "Redtail Notes" here. Retail is a third party platform. If user has access for Redtail, they should be able to check the notes. I also add a hyper link to let user launch Redtail on their phone.

There was an action button in Veo One client page. Click that button, user can add or remove account, trade and transfer money. However, it is not easy to use in mobile view, you don't want to go back and forth from different page layers. I separate these functions. There is a "+" icon on account module, clicking that icon will launch searching page. 

Here I did something I believe is very cool! Veo One can automatically create household group by recognize home address. I did some changes, when user launch the account searching page, I add account recommendations based on similar home address or some other info. There will be a list of "You may looking for".

Balance, Positions and History are complex. Those section has many data and using real time. Some user can have large amount of positions and transaction history. It is challenging for packing them in a small mobile view. But that doesn't means we cannot. 

Please check my "Balance, Positions and History in Mobile View" for more details.