The reason I want to share this part separately is that first, it is very important, and second, it is complexed. 

Based on current Veo One's structure, you can manage balance, position and history in both account and client view. In mobile, I want to keep that function. 

Like I mentioned above, user can manage balance from both account and client/household view. Most of the function are same, but there do has some tiny difference. 

When user launch balance from account page, there will be a balance total on the top, and then is "Total Cash", "Long Positions", "Other Margin Balances" and "Buying Power"

Checking balance from client/household view also means that checking balance from multiple accounts. The difference between account and client view is balance in client view will show multiple accounts balances, each of them has account number and account description.

Positions in account view will only list all assets relates to this account. All positions is grouped by assets type, each asset has total on the top. Click "Show more assets" will vertically expand the table, and click each row of asset will see more details.

Right part of image 3 is asset's details, including basic trading information and transaction history. I was struggling that whether I should add chart and some marketing research information here such as volume, bid, ask. But I decide to keep it simple. There is get quote feature in Veo One, user can use that to check more marketing info. 

In position details, being different from account view, there is one more section which is holding accounts. For example, in AAPL details page, you will see under Brandy Family Household account, which accounts holds AAPL. 

In addition, trading stocks and ETFs in client/household page, there is an account for block trade. Once user submit the trade, it will automatically go to that block account. Trading simplify is my other big project. I will talk more later.

The biggest challenge for designing History is there are many records and data. In Veo One, user can track to past 5 years for history. In mobile view, we only provide last 30 days since there is no filter available. (I am still struggling whether we should add filter).

History in client/household view will have each account and account description on the top of each module. Because there may be many history records, there is "Show more records" in the bottom of each module.  

One thing I really hate is that once you open an app, there are layers and layers. My rule for mobile design is "No More Than 3 Levels". 

I used to try to fit all history details in one row, but consider about the loading speed and huge amount of history records, I finally decided to only show "Transaction Date" and "Transaction Description" which has most important info. When user click "read detail", instead of open another level, it will bring up a modal.