Ui and Ux Design for the Next Telematic System 

- Worked with Mercedes-Benz for Chinese Market 

Mercedes-Benz Telematic system was one of my favorite projects. I was the project manager and designer. I participated from the beginning of marketing research to the end of the proposal.
In this project, Mercedes wanted to develop their telematic system which would be created for the Chinese market in next 4-5 years.  
According to the research, there are huge difference between the Chinese and European market. 

1. Flow 

The new telematic system's shape is inspired by flow. In Chinese culture, people usually use waterfall to describe the ideal life. There are three parts of flow: source, river and converge. For the telematic system, we want all the information to flow from the source down through the river to the convergence. 
In the Mercedes, all the information is accepted in the information console, or  "source," it flows through the car  to the "converge" which synchs to the user's cell phone. 

2. Branding

According to research, brand identity is  crucial to the Asian market. For example, Louis Vuitton puts many of their logos on their products in the Chinese market. ​For that reason, we highlighted all the logo elements to embrace Mercedes culture. 

3. Muti Users

Compare to the European and US market, the biggest population in China makes it be less realistic that one person has his own car. Muti users for one family would solve more problems in China. 
People can log in their account by phone which will automatically remember all the preferences such as temperature,  seat position, email account, news channels.  

4. Hand Writing for Chinese Characters

Hand writing technology is not hard and not new. Audi is the first company who developed hand writing system for driving device. However, most of the hand writing panel designs are based on Latin letters which are much smaller and simpler than Chinese characters.  The new system's hand writing part's size is designed as big as palm, which is the most comfortable size for writing Chinese.

5. Mobile Phone Connection

The telematic system's screen size and location is designed with the considering of safety factor, everything could be easily operate.
Mobile phone could be connected as well.