Some users manage thousands of account number in Veo One platform. There are many data using real time, however, real time limits our loading speed. Luckily, our dev team starts to work on technology update, including angular 8 update

My dev team helped me to have some basic understanding about the new angular, and figured out what feature could be available. 

Image 1 shows our current data table. There are three tabs to separate Clients, Accounts and Balances to increase the loading speed. Many users complain that's hard for them to check data. 

I combined account number, client and balance together. Account list view will be the default loading view, total value shows on the bottom of this table. There is still pagination control, but I moved that on the top. 

User can group account number by client name (client description). When it been grouped by client name, each account groups has total on the top. When grouped by client name, table will be automatically sorted by client name. 

Using the same logic, user can group account list by Rep Code, Account Type, Account Status, Households, Marked accounts, ect. 

Click the icon "x" can quickly remove group, table reset to default view. 

All the columns relate to balances are moved to this table such as "Account Sweep Balance", "Buying Power" "Net Balance" "Cash Available for Trade" ect. First column "Account Number" (column on the left) is pined on the left as default, the other part of the table could have horizontal scroll depends on the browser size. 

In future, RMDs will be also combined to this table. 

1. Key words searching

In our legacy data table, there is a primary level filter on the top (image3). User has to expand the filter for each searching. Filter takes big space and increase the number of clicks. In addition, this legacy filter won't be mobile friendly. 

In the new table filter design, there is a quick filter under each column header. User can quickly type or select what they need. Most of the columns are available for filtering. I still keep the primary filter because there are some data may not show on the column but user do need to search. But instead of keep this huge primary filter on the top, I did some visual changes. 

2. Combo Box Filter

Combo box is another feature available. User can either manually type or select by check box for filtering. After filter applied, open filter dropdown, selected check boxes will be sorted on the top.

3. Some thoughts about multi selection

You may notice that no check box is selected when user first open the dropdown. Default status for "Account Type" is "all account types", so why do I set all the check boxes as de-selected? There is some thoughts behind this. User usually only filter for few account types, sometimes even only one. Keep all check boxes empty actually reduce the number of clicks. 

Because of that, you may also notice that there is no check box for select "all".