​Chinese Traditional Furniture

Chinese Traditional Furniture is one of my Chinese culture heritage project while I worked in CAFA Digital Design Lab
During that time, iPad started to be popular in Chinese family. We decided to show this ancient technology to people all over of the world by interaction design.
Chinese traditional furniture, especially from Ming and Qing Dynasty, are made of thousands of small pieces of tenon without a nail. Each furniture needs countless processes. 

1. Tenon Structure and 3D mode

By"clicking" the furniture, all the pieces of tenon will be separated. Audience could view each piece tenon by 360 degree observation.  

2. Experience the Processes of Making Furniture 

According to user experience researching, there are five most important functions set on the bottom navigation which are info, structure, decoration, lacquer and materials. 
info: basic information of each furniture which is also showed on the old painting to explain how to be used in the old time. 
structure: separate all the pieces of tenon to show audience how does tenon connect to each other.
decoration: shows the details of pattens on the furniture and explains what do they mean.
lacquer: through participating those seven steps, audiences could easily understand the lacquer process.
materials: audience could try different materials to compare the difference.

3. Icons Design and Ux Research 

User experience research is always the most important thing for a designer I believe!