Veo One

- Main product I am currently working on

Veo One is a platform allows institutional advisors to manage their business, including trading, portfolio management and handle administrative tasks.

AEM (Content Management) Initiatives on Veo One

New (early stage)

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How to Pack A Complicated Product to Mobile

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Released on Oct 29, 2019

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Veo One Alert for Large User

Veo One Get Quote

Released in 2019

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Household Accounts Management

In Veo One, account and client page is separate which causes confusion. If user wants to create a household page, they can add linked accounts to client page. 

For solving those problems, I decide to combine account and client page to one page. User can apply account filter to manage account group or individual account. It also can be used as household account page. 


Smith household has 3 clients, John Smith, Marry Smith and Sarah Smith. Each of them has 2 accounts. Using account filter, advisor can check balance and positions for individual account, or for individual client. Advisor can also check balance by account type. He/she can filter all IRA account for Smith's household. 

Veo One's Consolidated View has different data table, accounts, clients, balances, positions, transactions and money movement. Using "grouped by" feature help advisor to organize and manage account and other data. It also make Veo One page lighter


Account can be grouped by: client name/description, household, rep code, account type, open date and account status

Position can be grouped by: position, asset type, client, account

Transaction History can be grouped by: date, account, client, rep code

Alert can be grouped by: date and alert type

How to Solve Big Data Table

Option Chain

Build brandy new Option Chain page. 

Simplify option chain researching process

Using global option trade components to help trader trade easier

Based on Veo One trader, limit option trade strategies to 1-2 legs


Highlight strike price column, user can choose how many strike price they want. 

Hover "Ask" show tooltip "Buy" and hover "Bid" show tooltip "Sell" which is the global components

Adding filter for strike price range, expiration date range, probability OTM and probability ITM

Adding more default column table and also let user customize columns

Releasing soon

Can you imagine big user can deal with thousands alerts per day? 

By doing some lean UX, how can we help user to easily manage their thousands alerts without shut their computer down? 

How can we really achieve to "two weeks release"?

Can we use clear copy texts to help our user understand the product logic?

How to create pattern design to make sure the component/ new logic my team did can fit to the whole product? 

Main Functions We Done:

1. Alert grouped by "received date" and "alert subscription type". Grouped by subscription type can really help large user to manage alerts

2. Show last # days 

3. Clear big toggle button to help user filter "all alerts" and "unread only"

4. Micro UI design solve big UX problem

This is the first time we try to using Adobe Experience Manager to manage our product. This project starts from building templet page in Veo One for TD Ameritrade Institutional Marketing pages. 

My first task is "how can we create a calendar which has most of the common features available for users.  How can it not only carry TDA events but also with CRM vendor's calendar without slow down the whole site? Is that possible I can combine all the calendars in Veo One to one calendar?

Watch List

Releasing soon

Lean UX design is like playing puzzle. When you are connecting pieces to pieces together, you always need to have a complete map in your mind - what are eventually look like?

Working on watch list is not only thinking about watch list itself. How can our watch list connect to positions, trading system, searching quote, research page and even third party data such as "Morningstar" and "Y-Chart report"?

File Download

File download is focusing on solving large data. Different files can dated to many years ago. Filter plays a big role for this project, so we decided to rebuild a new filter with more features. Also, this filter can be used in some other data table.

Released in 2018

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Some Older Projects

Before 2017 (check details)

Mobile Navigation

Performance Meets Digital

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