Interaction Design for Deng Tuo's Donation

Mr. Deng Tuo donated few paintings to NAMOC, after repairing, those could be exhibited. 
The project we did was by interaction design, all the repaired part could be shown to the audience. There was a long table with touching screen on the surface which audience can easily read the information by touching, clicking or zooming.  
Since the paintings were hundreds years old, most of them are damaged by age. Experts spend a lot of time on repairing to restore the original appearance. The curator believes that the repair work takes a very important role of those painting and would like to show the achievement to the public. 
In order to help audience to easily compare, there is a button which audience could move their finger to see the two layers, one is after repair, one is before repair. 
Audience could check some detail the painting such as the different characters of color materials, paper and some skill of repairing. People could also learn about how to restore those old painting and the culture or story in the back of the painting.