Very Zhun 

- the Best App Helps You to Take Care of Your Flight

1. It's not only an app searching for flights, but a sweet assistant as well!

Estimated departure time
Estimated arrive time
Punctuality rate
Timer is very important for catching flights. According to the research, it is more comfortable to let people know how much time do they have before the flight departs.
For example, Jack is going to take the flight at 5:00pm in JFK. He is heading to the JFK from Queens at 3:40pm.  Now he would rather to be told that there are one and half hours left. 
Airport Info
Flight Plan
Flight Plan could help you to organize all your flight schedule. You can add or can cancel your flight. When you add a new flight, there are also two options, picking up or drop off. 

2. It can share your flight updates to whom you want

Share flight updates
People who is going to take the flight
People who is going to pick up
People who is going to drop off
You can add different contacts as the one going to pick you up or drop you off. 
For example, Marry will pick you up from JFK, then you can add her to the third line. Marry will receive the flight twists such as flight delays, weather or some other news. 

3. Interface design

The interface design is inspired by the decoration of the airplane. All the details and shapes are from the plane itself. I want to give the clients a kind of safe and precise feeling.