Online Artists' Exhibition

- Teng Fei

Teng Fei's online exhibition is one of the  Online Artists' Exhibition Projects. 
Teng Fei is a famous jewelry artist. Her works usually relates to her personal experience.
In this app, I try to give the audience a different experience through using digital media to view her works, instead of go to the real gallery or museum.  

1. What is the role of museum by your understanding?

What is the role of museum or gallery?
This is the first question I asked before started this project. The most amazing part of this project for me is that helped me to re-think about what is museum and what is exhibition. Of course, now this question has been a very old topic now, but this project happened while people started to learn iPad. 
The basic idea of this app is talking about how could mobile device bring the audience difference experiences for viewing art work or exhibition. I also want to dig out can digital exhibition take place of the regular exhibitions? Can digital / mobile devices bring the audience something which the regular exhibition space could not?

2. 360 Degree Observation  

Since most of her works are jewelries which are small size with much details, 360 degree observation gives the audience special feeling, such as viewing each works in their hands. By zooming in or out the work, all the details could be clearly seen. 

3. Audiences' Participation

Sometimes, participation of audiences are important of the artist. 
In this app, the audience could create their own work with the artist's element.